When can I remarry?

A divorced person can remarry after the final Judgment of Divorce is entered in the county clerk's office. In New York, there are no restrictions after a divorce. For all couples, the waiting period is 24 hours after a marriage license has been issued. Before applying for a marriage license, the couple should contact the city or town clerk where the marriage is to take place to verify their specific requirements for applying for a marriage license. Generally, photo ID is required, such as a driver license, passport, Immigration document or employment ID. Previous divorce Judgments, if any, are also required. Also, proof of age must be presented, such as a birth certificate or Naturalization certificate.

In New York City, the application fee is $35.00, payable to the City Clerk by credit card or money order. Once the license is issued, the marriage ceremony must not take place within 24 hours after the exact time that the license has been issued. The license is valid for 60 calendar days after it is issued. A marriage license will not be issued if either applicant is under 17 years of age, unless the applicant presents written consent from both parents and a Supreme or Family Court judge. A New York State marriage license may be used within New York state only.