LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Since divorce is a leading cause of asset distribution, it is wise to be proactive and seek pre-divorce asset protection before problems arise in the marriage. Transferring ownership of your separate property, such as pension and retirement accounts, investment accounts, income, business and other personal property, into an asset protection strategy before the marriage effectively guarantees the protection of the assets in a divorce battle.

However, it is advisable to avoid using domestic asset protection vehicles located in the United States such as a trust, an LLC or a limited partnership, as they are not very effective because divorce courts have pierced all of these in divorce litigation. A US judge can seize US assets regardless of their structure.

The best and most powerful divorce asset protection strategy for your asset protection is the placement of assets in an Offshore Asset Protection Trust, before a divorce filing is commenced by your spouse. This trust will hold an international LLC that you control. This LLC will hold your bank and investment accounts in a secure offshore bank, and if required, the trustee can step in to protect the assets. Therefore, the combination of an LLC and Trust is one of the most powerful strategies to protect assets in the event of a divorce. Trust jurisdictions such as the Cook Islands, Nevis or Belize are popular and reputable as trustees are bonded and funds are insured.