Understanding and becoming informed about your rights and obligations is an important first step when any family law situation arises.

Our firm specializes in divorce and family law matters in the five boroughs of new york city and the surrounding region. Since 1992, we have helped clients who find themselves in critical family related legal situations, who are going through the difficult process of divorce and other family related legal challenges, and who need experienced representation to help them obtain the best possible outcome.

Our vast experience and knowledge of family law matters will help you achieve faster and more satisfying results, often avoiding lengthy courtroom battles that can set you and your family back financially and emotionally for years to come.

Our primary goal is to achieve favorable results without putting our clients in legal debt, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients in a conscious effort to minimize costs as much as is feasibly possible.

We take the time to explain the legal issues involved, such as custody, child and spousal support, division of family assets etc. When guiding our clients towards a cost effective and timely resolution of their family law matter. We recognize that each situation is unique, and we strive to provide advice and service designed to bring about a resolution which meets every client's personal and legal goals, and we will help you make choices that best reflect . Your priorities and reach the ultimate goals for your divorce and other family law matters.

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